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Protection Pads
b_achilheel anklesleeve bootbumper
Code: OBAH01
Bunga Achilles' Heel Gel Pad
Reduce and absorb shock, vibration, pressure and rubbing at the back of  your heel and Achilles' tendon.
Sold individually.
Code: OBAS01
Bunga Ankle Sleeve
Cushion and protect ankle area from chafing, rubbing and friction caused by stiff ice skating boots.
Sold individually.
Code: OBBB01
Bunga Boot Bumper
Combination of Lace Bite and Achilles Heel Gel pads, molded inside an elastic lining.  Protect front and back of foot.
Sold individually.

lbp msleeve bunionsleeve
Code: OBLB01
Bunga Lace Bite Pad
Rectangular gel pad attached to a thin elastic sleeve. Helps to reduce pressure, shock and chafing from the shin to top of foot. One standard size. 
Sold individually.
Code: OBMS01
Bunga Malleolar Sleeve
Two gel disk pads to cushion the ankle bones.
Sold individually.
Code: OBBS3
Bunga Bunion Gel Sleeve
Reduces pressure and pain of your bunions and helps to prevent them.
Sold individually. Comes in S, L.

Small (fits up to  Ladies sz8 & Men sz7)

metartsalpad bungabunionette bungapalm
Code: OBMP01
Bunga Metatarsal Pad
Provides excellent padding to the sole of the foot. Fits in shoes. Great for running shoes, custom boots or high heels.
Sizes: Small / Large. 
Sold in pairs.
Code: OBTC01
Bunga Bunionette
A universal gel pad designed to reduce pressure, shock and vibration. Designed to work with the bunion that develops on the lateral size or 'small' toe side of the foot. Available in one universal size which fits most.
Sold individually.
Code: OBSKIT01
Bunga Palm Protector
Utilizes a gel pad to absorb shock, pressure and rubbing. Helps protect the palm and wrist area from impact. Made for Right and Left hand.
Sizes: Small / Large
Sold individually,

  Bunga Essentials
Gel Paddings for your feet

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